Those attending classes at Bracknell Trampoline Centre have the option to enter into novice competitions at the centre. These are available approximately four times a year. Anyone interested in competing should inform their coach who will advise them further.

Anyone wishing to join Edgbarrow Trampoline Club for competitive training should advise their coach of this and they will put you in contact with the club. Alternatively you may contact the club regarding club trials directly at

What to expect


On the day of the competition you should arrive ahead of your  warm up time. Exact timings for each event are usually announced as late as one week before the competition via the web site and via your coach.

Warming Up 

A warm up time is allocated for each performer which usually consists of 4/5 warm up turns each. There will be a Marshal organising the order in which you get your turns. You will then be asked to complete one ‘controlled’ warm up which is your final  practise routine before you compete and are judged.


When it’s your turn to compete, competitors are asked to sit/wait on the trampoline until asked to begin by a Chair of Judges. Competitors will then compete the first 10 bounce routine is judged by 4 execution judges and two horizontal displacement (H.D) judges. Six scores are displayed, the middle two execution scores are added together plus an average of the two HD scores to create a total score.

The first routine is a prescribed routine and many competing in your group will compete with the same routine.

After everyone in your group has performed their first routine you will move onto the second round or ‘voluntary’ routine. This can often be the same as your first routine.

As your trampolining progresses this voluntary routine may be a more difficult routine of your choice and will include more complex skills. An extra score for difficulty could also be added in this round, however at beginner level / lower levels there is usually no extra score or ‘tariff’  added.


After both performances your  scores from each round are added together to give your total score.

After everyone in your group has competed the scores will be added and the results announced.

All performers receive a certificate giving a ranking and the first three places receive awards.

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